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Sep 21

Eat well, feel well: The interesting connection between mood and food!

How mood regulates food One thing that determines our enjoyment in life is mood. Mood changes from day to day, moment to moment. We may be happy, energized, have optimistic feelings, take part in enjoyable activities, feel loving with your partner or even sexual activity with the help of bricoingenio supplements, since is know that […]

Aug 16

Bipolar disorder: A First Rate Madness?

I recently attended one of the lovely webinars hosted by the International Bipolar Foundation. The speaker Dr Nassir Ghaemi (Professor at Tufts university) presented his book, a First Rate Madness: Mood disorders and Crisis Leadership and discussed the issue of leadership and mood disorders. According to his talk people with mood disorders and in general […]

Jul 25

The UP-side of Bipolar Disorder

  By VALERIE KILABERIA, BSC., MSC. BIPOLARLAB JUNIOR PSYCHOLOGIST Even though the majority of research highlights the negative aspects of bipolar disorder, it is not uncommon to listen to patients who talk warmly about their experiences. A new study conducted by Lobban, Taylor, Murray & Jones (2012) at the University of Lancaster, UK investigated the positive […]