Glyfada: 12 Zisimopoulou str., 16674, Glyfada, Greece
Rafina: 13 Stratou Antoniadi, 19009, Rafina, Greece

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Our mental health practice provides specialist diagnostic care for a range of mental health disorder. We believe that a correct diagnosis is the first and single most important step towards effective treatment.

Our diagnostic programmes is a psychoeducational intervention for people who face difficulties with their mental health. The aim of the programme is to offer the best possible clinical assessment of each person’s present state, diagnostic status and evaluation of current clinical needs. It provides a uniquely thorough and comprehensive evaluation of all diagnostic issues along with psychoeducation regarding its findings. Our diagnostic programme was developed by Dr Yanni Malliaris at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s London during his PhD research. For further information please see here:

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