Glyfada: 12 Zisimopoulou str., 16674, Glyfada, Greece
Rafina: 13 Stratou Antoniadi, 19009, Rafina, Greece

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Our mental health practice provides specialist pharmacological treatments for a range of mental health issues.

Our core philosophy sees psychotropic pharmacotherapy as an additional form of treatment in some mental health disorders but never as the only form of treatment.

We practice within the model of evidence-based integrative practice, where medication treatments when offered are always combined with evidence-based psychotherapy treatments.

Our team of psychiatrists along with our psychologists will do the following:

• Clinical Evaluation & detailed medical history

• Detailed recording of previous psychotropic treatments

• Lab work and evaluation of each patient’s blood and metabolic profile

• Patient and family psycho-education about the different medication options

• Specialist psychotropic care integrated with specialist psychosocial treatment

• Advanced monitoring of the psychotropic treatments and the treatment response

• Continuous monitoring of potential side-effects and prompt alleviation/treatment.

• Continuous monitoring of the psychotropic treatment and careful adjustment according to patient’s needs.

For patients who may need more intensive work or who may start a new medication or make sensitive medication changes/adjustments/medication discontinuation, we provide the opportunity to do so within the novel residential treatment programme of Dimiourgia.

If there is a greater need for hospital care we collaborate with a number of private clinics, and our team will look after the care of the patient through out all phases of the treatment.

However, through our clinical work almost always we have avoided the need for hospital care, and we we always aim to provide care on an out-patient basis.

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