Glyfada: 12 Zisimopoulou str., 16674, Glyfada, Greece
Rafina: 13 Stratou Antoniadi, 19009, Rafina, Greece

CONTACT +30-6971813232


Dr Malliaris offers his private clinical services through and through EDO the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation. He prefers to conduct most of his work through specific clinical programmes that along with his colleagues they have designed to address the clinical needs patients with mood disorders. Nevertheless all therapy is tailored around each patient’s individual needs.

On special occasions he will take up individual patients who may have needs that fall outside the scope of the specific clinical programmes. In general, he practices cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) mostly with patients who have Bipolar disorder (manic depressive illness) or depression. He also conducts diagnostic assessments with people who have a broad range of mental health difficulties and provides counseling to families and relatives of bipolar patients.

In addition to his clinical services, Dr Malliaris likes to train and supervise young students and other professionals. Again he offers most of his training time through the programmes of and the Hellenic Bipolar Organisation, but again on special occasions he may take up the individual training of a highly motivated student or junior professional.

Finally, Dr Malliaris offers his consultancy services to other companies and clinics or if required to other professionals who wish to improve their work from his expertise. He offers consultancy on service development, research and clinical matters on affective disorders, and the application of new technologies in mental health.

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